Painting and Decorating


Need painting or decorating services in or around the Warrington area? Give us a call!

Painting is a delicate business - too slow and your job will last days with the paint drying during application, too fast and your work will be sloppy with gaps or excursions onto things that weren't supposed to be painted! Do you take time off work and do it yourself, or hire someone else and face the worries that they might use poor quality paint or not take the care you would over your own property?

Fletcher's Services are local, reliable and diligent. Let our experience give you a professional finish fast and at a sensible price. It's not just painting we handle either: We regularly quote for wallpapering, plastering and other decorating jobs too for both homes and businesses - all executed to the high standards our customers expect.

Based in the Warrington area, Fletcher's is happy to help with all your painting and decorating needs. If you'd like to request a quote or find out more about what we can do for you, please get in touch - you can find our contact details here.